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Police gear up to meet naxal challenge November 29, 2004

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By Our Correspondent ADILABAD, NOV. 26. 2004

In view of the rapid developments, vis-a-vis the naxalite issue, the district police have decided to remove any ambiguity in dealing with the armed Communist Party of India (Maoist) cadre visiting villages. The Adilabad Superintendent of Police, Kripa Nand Tripathi Ujela, said; “In case we come across naxalites moving in villages with weapons the result will be exchange of fire.” There have been developments in some remote villages in the district, which do not augur well for the ongoing peace process. The police accused the CPI (Maoist) of creating terror in the villages, as they were carrying arms and settling scores with the villagers. Parties despatched Already, two special parties have been despatched to Karji and Girivelli villages in Dahegaon mandal where the CPI (Maoist) naxalites were reported to have held a praja court and forced the Dahegaon Mandal Parishad president, S. Satyanarayana, and three others to resign from the Telugu Desam Party earlier this week. Read more

Incriminating documents found at encounter site November 29, 2004

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By Our Staff Reporter

KARIMNAGAR, NOV. 26. The Karimnagar police stumbled upon on some incriminating documents of naxalites belonging to the CPI (Maoist) during search operations on the outskirts of Kukkalagandi hamlet of Rudrangi village in Chandurthi mandal on Friday, the scene of exchange of fire last evening.

The Superintendent of Police, Rajiv Ratan, told newsmen said these documents threw light on extortion indulged in by naxalites. Among those recovered were account books, addresses, letters and phone numbers and telephone bills of businessmen, politicians, contractors and others who were forced to make payments to naxals, he added. Maoist literature and five kit bags were also found. ……

Naxalites Against Religious Conversions November 29, 2004

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RAIPUR, INDIA November 26, 2004: Naxalities, after vandalizing Hindu

temples, attacked Ganesha utsav mandaps (temporary festival shrines)

and ashrams in Bastar and Dantewara districts three months ago, have

turned to Christian missionaries. Naxalities, who follow Marxist

philosophy, ordered Christian missionaries to stop carrying out

“religious conversions of tribals.” They ordered eight tribal families

of Markabeda village in Narainpur sub-division–who converted to

Christianity some months back, “To leave the village or risk being

‘punished’ for converting,” a senior district official at Jagdalpur

confirmed. Most families, fearing the wrath of the Naxalites, have

taken shelter in a missionary in Narainpur. The terrified families have

reportedly asked the administration to rehabilitate them elsewhere. “If

we return, they (the Naxalities) will kill us,” says a member of one of

the families. In Dantewara, Naxalities distributed pamphlets against

Christian missionaries, threatening them with dire consequences if they

were found exploiting the tribals or carrying out religious

conversions. The recent developments had sent shock waves through the

missionaries. So far, Naxalities only targeted the VHP and RSS

activists, accusing them of converting the tribals to Hinduism.

Recently, armed Naxalities had attacked Ganesha ustav mandapas in

Narainpur. A few days later, they reached an ashram and thrashed the

sadhus there.

URL: http://www.indianexpress.com/full_story.php?content_id=59557

Naxals, India’s enemy within: Kanchan Gupta November 26, 2004

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The ineffective UPA government is busy handling the TN government with

a soft glove of a letter from the substitute PM. And unconcerned at

the humiliation being heaped on the hindu with the way the Kanchi

Acharya case is being played out in the legal system which is an ass.

Don’t ever stand at the rear feet of this animal, one will only get


The ineffective UPA government is not paying attention to the most

serious national security problem of naxals, while meek attempts are

made to dislodge the UP government led by Samajwadi Party.

The ineffective UPA government has not responded to HE President Abdul

Kalam’s sincere plea for India Vision 2020 (or, 5131 Kaliyugabda,

thanks Govind).

The ineffective UPA government has done nothing about the promise made

in the Common Minimum Programme to start work on the National Water

Grid (Peninsular riverlink component).

The ineffective UPA government is busy offering tea and dinner parties

to CPM reps. in creating a psec make-believe.

Who cares for the harijan sitting under the shade of the tree in the

village? The satraps are merry with their media glare with chamcha-s

providing them with photo-ops and talk shows on TV channels.

The nation is at risk with these jokers calling themselves elected

representatives and the executive wing of the polity.

BJP and friends of hindu should boycott all public postures of this

government and declare a non-cooperation movement, starting with a

refusal to participate in Parliamentary proceedings which produce no

worthwhile debate, and only sycophancy and more sycophancy. Lok Sabha

Speaker Somnath Chatterjee is not serious when he says that he will

allow debate on BJP or NDA’s concerns. He will not, remember, he is a



Naxals, India’s enemy within: Kanchan Gupta

November 25, 2004

The attack on a provincial armed constabulary convoy by Naxalites in

Chandauli district of eastern Uttar Pradesh on November 20 has not

only come as a grim reminder that left-wing extremism is alive and

kicking in rural India, but also as a kick in the face of lotus-eaters

who now formulate policy in the ministry of home affairs.

Last Saturday’s incident has demonstrated, though not for the first

time, that Naxalites — variously referred to as Maoists and

Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries — are loathe to scale back their

criminal activities, despite the peace overtures by the UPA government

in New Delhi and its affiliate Congress government in Andhra Pradesh,

which is one of the affected states. read more


Shamless Maoists justified killings of 17 policemen November 25, 2004

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Thursday November 25 2004 00:00 IST



NEW DELHI: Maoists justified killings of 17 policemen and injuring several others in an ambush in Chandauli near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh on November 20 saying that it was a reaction to the ”police offensive”.

”What for had the police launched the combing operation in the area,” CPI (Maoist) leader Vara Vara Rao said adding that ”their clear motive was killing Naxalites.”

The Naxalites had resorted to the action only in ”self-defence”, said Rao at a press conference here on Wednesday.

So far, no Naxalite outfit has claimed the responsibility for the attack.

The Naxalites, numbering about 150, had ambushed a truck carrying an unspecified number of policemen and Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) jawans on combing duty. A land mine laid at culvert blew up the vehicle as it passed over it.

Initial reports said that the dead included 13 PAC jawans and four police constables.

UP Naxals kill 15 policemen November 21, 2004

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UP Naxals kill 15 policemen

The incident comes a day after an explosion at a state forest ranger’s house in Chandauli in which two guards were killed.



In a grim warning of the increasing Naxalite threat in the state, 15 policemen, including jawans of the provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC), were killed as Naxals blew up a culvert on the border of Varanasi and Chandauli districts on Saturday morning.

The policemen and PAC jawans were on combing duty in Naugarh police station area in Chandauli district when the incident took place. According to UP’s Inspector-General of Police (Law and Order) R K Tiwari, nearly 150 Naxalites had laid an ambush for a truck carrying the 36th battalion of the PAC, which was scheduled to pass over the Narkati culvert in Chakia, a rocky sparsely populated area some 100 km east of Varanasi.

While two jeeps, moving ahead of the truck, crossed the bridge unharmed, the explosion occurred as soon as the bus approached the bridge. According to eye witness reports the bus was tossed up almost 30 feet by the impact of the explosion.

The mishap occurred at around 8.00 am. Thirteen policemen including nine PAC jawans were killed on the spot while the injured were rushed to the nearby hospital.

Later, two of the seriously injured succumbed to their injuries in the hospital, while two others are still fighting for their lives, according to information from the DGP’s office.

The Naxalites escaped after the explosion. The incident comes a day after an explosion at a forest ranger’s house in Chandauli, killing two forest guards and injuring two others on Friday.

Senior police officials reached the spot and the area has been cordoned off. A massive combing operation launched has also been launched. Uttar Pradesh DGP V K B Nair also rushed to the spot as soon as news of the mishap came in.

Taking a tough stance, Mr Nair said: “This is the first time the police (in Uttar Pradesh) have been attacked in such a gruesome manner and we are not going to spare them (the rebels).

Naxal challenge to be met firmly, says Centre

New Delhi, Nov. 21. (PTI): Taking a “serious note” of the killing of 17 police constables and wounding of several others by suspected naxalites in Uttar Pradesh, the Centre on Saturday said the challenge posed by armed activities of naxalites would be met firmly.

“State and Central agencies have been asked to immediately launch operation to track down the culprits and neutralise the threat posed by naxalites to internal security and law and order,” a Home Ministry spokesman said.


A collusive relationship between politicians and Naxalites November 14, 2004

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Sleeping with terrorists

PV Ramana

A collusive relationship between politicians and Naxalites or the People’s War (PW) and Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI), which have merged on September 21, 2004, to form the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist), is clearly visible in Bihar, as in several other parts of the country.

Routinely, several unscrupulous, power hungry leaders of various political parties have sought the rebels’ support during elections. Leaders of the BJP, RJD, Congress (I), and Left parties have received support from the MCCI/PW and had, in return, either paid vast sums of money or offered “concessions”. It is said that a former Union Minister, Chandradeo Verma, who is an accused in the fodder scam, won the elections with help from PW to defeat his CPI (ML) rival. The CPI (ML) has been participating in parliamentary politics and democratic processes, while the PW/MCCI has an avowed commitment to capturing state power through “armed struggle”.

In fact, allegations of the PW’s connivance with political parties to target the CPI (ML) continue. On October 28, the CPI (ML) said “the RJD and PW have ganged up to target its men and women activists alike” to diminish its hold in certain parts of Bihar.

In Jharkhand, too, Opposition and ruling party politicians sought the assistance of the Naxalites during elections. One such leader reportedly paid Rs 2 Crore to the MCCI during the 1999 Parliamentary elections and went on to become a union minister.

Reports also indicate that several top-level political leaders maintain ties with the PW/MCCI. Addressing an election rally in Garwah on April 14, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav reportedly appealed to the MCCI to target BJP candidates. Immediately, a BJP leader, Kiran Ghai, said he had no doubt that Lalu Prasad Yadav had linkages with the Naxalites. However, it is difficult

to state conclusively whether or not the charge was politically motivated. Besides, on August 23, some PW men were arrested from the residence of RJD MLA Dinanath Yadav in Paliganj. He was later suspended from the party.

Also, the MCCI/PW supported a few candidates in the local bodies elections in 2001 in Jahanabad, and a former MCCI commander contested in the last parliamentary polls from Chatra. Leaders who have opposed the PW/MCCI have had to pay a heavy price. For instance, the houses of Bihar’s ex-chief minister, Satyendra Narain Sinha, were set ablaze.

Thus, apparently, politicians strike deals with the PW/MCCI as much for electoral gains as for the ‘safety’ of their life and property. Indeed, as long as the politicians enter into, and maintain, expedient political alliances with the rebels, the latter would continue to flourish and subvert

democracy and its institutions in the country. The merger between the PW and the MCCI only compounds this eminently avoidable danger.

Courtesy: The Pioneer, New Delhi, October 30, 2004.

[The writer is Research Fellow, Observer Research Foundation.]

* Views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not

necessarily reflect those of Observer Research Foundation.

Cops warn govt on naxalite meets November 12, 2004

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Cops warn govt on naxalite meets

Times News Network

Hyderabad: The police department has reportedly sent a note to the government cautioning that permitting Maoists to hold public meetings in the city would result in Hyderabad becoming a ‘hub’ of revolutionary activities.

The note, prepared by the intelligence wing, and endorsed by the DGP S R Sukumara, had been submitted to both home minister K Jana Reddy and cheif minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

It futhere cautioned that the unchecked activities of the naxalites, which includes a plan to open an office in Hyderabad, would hinder the economic progress of the state.

“A survey by the intelligence wing has revelaed that the business community, industrialists and institutional and foreign investors are taking the advances of the Maoists seriously. They are a bit apprehensive about having economic tie-ups in Andhra pradesh,” according to the police missive.

The police officers also cited the series of bomb blasts in the city and claimed that some ex-naxalites, who have now turned to extortions, were behind the incidents.

The government’s reluctance to allow naxalites to hold public meeting in the city on November 16 was now being read as a fallout of the letter.

Meanwhile, naxalite emissaries Vara Vara Rao and Chandranna at a press meet on Thursday alleged that the governement was worried about the growing support for the Maoists and hence not permitting them to hold public meetings in the city and elsewhere in the state.

The Times of India, Hyderabad

Friday, Novemeber 12, 2004. Page 7.

Communist Party of United States of India : Explosions November 11, 2004

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Explosions: `Telangana Dandu’ hand suspected

By Our Staff Reporter HYDERABAD, NOV. 4. The Manjeera pipeline sabotage, explosion in two buses of private engineering colleges — first at Kukatpally and then at Saroornagar — and the blast at Kalanjali building on Thursday night. Going by the modus operandi, sleuths suspect that same gang was responsible for all the four incidents. Police officials, wishing anonymity, stated that they had narrowed down on `Telangana Dandu’, said to be a splinter group of the Communist Party of United States of India (CPUSI), based on the investigation conducted so far. Read More

Their hands tied on Naxals, DGPs tell Patil: please clarify November 11, 2004

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Their hands tied on Naxals, DGPs tell Patil: please clarify

Told by Minister not to expect Central direction, DGPs warn: we need to be firm, not go Andhra way


Reeling under a wave of Naxal attacks, especially after the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh effected a ceasefire and called Left wing extremists for talks, worried state police chiefs today sought clear directions from the Centre on how were they expected to deal with the problem. But Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil, responding to queries from DGPs at a special session on Left wing extremism, said it was for the states to individually deal with the Naxalite problem. The Centre, he maintained, could not provide any directions in this regard. He cited the example of Kashmir where security forces were going after militants while the political leadership was keeping channels open for talks. Read More