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Naxals, India’s enemy within: Kanchan Gupta November 26, 2004

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The ineffective UPA government is busy handling the TN government with

a soft glove of a letter from the substitute PM. And unconcerned at

the humiliation being heaped on the hindu with the way the Kanchi

Acharya case is being played out in the legal system which is an ass.

Don’t ever stand at the rear feet of this animal, one will only get


The ineffective UPA government is not paying attention to the most

serious national security problem of naxals, while meek attempts are

made to dislodge the UP government led by Samajwadi Party.

The ineffective UPA government has not responded to HE President Abdul

Kalam’s sincere plea for India Vision 2020 (or, 5131 Kaliyugabda,

thanks Govind).

The ineffective UPA government has done nothing about the promise made

in the Common Minimum Programme to start work on the National Water

Grid (Peninsular riverlink component).

The ineffective UPA government is busy offering tea and dinner parties

to CPM reps. in creating a psec make-believe.

Who cares for the harijan sitting under the shade of the tree in the

village? The satraps are merry with their media glare with chamcha-s

providing them with photo-ops and talk shows on TV channels.

The nation is at risk with these jokers calling themselves elected

representatives and the executive wing of the polity.

BJP and friends of hindu should boycott all public postures of this

government and declare a non-cooperation movement, starting with a

refusal to participate in Parliamentary proceedings which produce no

worthwhile debate, and only sycophancy and more sycophancy. Lok Sabha

Speaker Somnath Chatterjee is not serious when he says that he will

allow debate on BJP or NDA’s concerns. He will not, remember, he is a



Naxals, India’s enemy within: Kanchan Gupta

November 25, 2004

The attack on a provincial armed constabulary convoy by Naxalites in

Chandauli district of eastern Uttar Pradesh on November 20 has not

only come as a grim reminder that left-wing extremism is alive and

kicking in rural India, but also as a kick in the face of lotus-eaters

who now formulate policy in the ministry of home affairs.

Last Saturday’s incident has demonstrated, though not for the first

time, that Naxalites — variously referred to as Maoists and

Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries — are loathe to scale back their

criminal activities, despite the peace overtures by the UPA government

in New Delhi and its affiliate Congress government in Andhra Pradesh,

which is one of the affected states. read more



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