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Naxalites Against Religious Conversions November 29, 2004

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RAIPUR, INDIA November 26, 2004: Naxalities, after vandalizing Hindu

temples, attacked Ganesha utsav mandaps (temporary festival shrines)

and ashrams in Bastar and Dantewara districts three months ago, have

turned to Christian missionaries. Naxalities, who follow Marxist

philosophy, ordered Christian missionaries to stop carrying out

“religious conversions of tribals.” They ordered eight tribal families

of Markabeda village in Narainpur sub-division–who converted to

Christianity some months back, “To leave the village or risk being

‘punished’ for converting,” a senior district official at Jagdalpur

confirmed. Most families, fearing the wrath of the Naxalites, have

taken shelter in a missionary in Narainpur. The terrified families have

reportedly asked the administration to rehabilitate them elsewhere. “If

we return, they (the Naxalities) will kill us,” says a member of one of

the families. In Dantewara, Naxalities distributed pamphlets against

Christian missionaries, threatening them with dire consequences if they

were found exploiting the tribals or carrying out religious

conversions. The recent developments had sent shock waves through the

missionaries. So far, Naxalities only targeted the VHP and RSS

activists, accusing them of converting the tribals to Hinduism.

Recently, armed Naxalities had attacked Ganesha ustav mandapas in

Narainpur. A few days later, they reached an ashram and thrashed the

sadhus there.

URL: http://www.indianexpress.com/full_story.php?content_id=59557


1. Naxal Watch - November 29, 2004

” This shows that the state is breaking down. The police is incapable of law enforcement but has become a law unto itself by becoming a tool of political harassment. The judiciary is immobilized by activists like Teesta Setalvad. What is next? The Armed Forces?

You can expect power vacuums to deveop everywhere over the next five years. Who will be ready to fill them? The Hindus? Or foreign sponsored stooges and Quislings?” — N S Rajaram

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