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Landmines attack on our Police personnel , PUCL’s half hearted statement July 31, 2005

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Naxal attack in Hebri on the Police – Press Release

We vehemently condemn the landmines attack on our Police personnel by the alleged Naxalites as reported by the media and offer our sympathies to the injured Policemen and their families. We appreciate the risky job Police Force is doing for the people of the State and assure them our moral support.

At the same time we appeal to the Govt. not to hit back with a fake encounter. Govt. should realize that “love begets love and violence begets violence”. In the history of humanity we have learnt that no where one has achieved peace by hate and violence. Foolish, immature and uncivilized persons only resort to violence.

Jesus Christ taught this to the world first time and made himself available to the rulers of the day (corrupt Administration in which Priests were also included) and went to the gallows alone. If he were to fight an armed war like Naxals and Terrorists are fighting there would have been chaos and thousands of deaths in Jerusalem. Similarly if Gandhiji were to resort to violence there would have been millions of deaths instead of a few we had. India’s fight for independents is known as a bloodless revolution.

Therefore we appeal to the Govt. to be sensible and avoid fake encounters. We have no objections if they are genuine encounters.

P.B. D’Sa

29 July 2005



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