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Posted by naxalwatch in Meeting.

The 15th meeting of the Task Force in Naxalism was held here today. The meeting was chaired by the Additional Secretary (Anti naxal cell) in the Ministry of Home Affairs. The nodal officers of the naxal affected States participated in the meeting.

The trends of overall naxal situation during the year 2006 were discussed in detail with the nodal officers. The naxal violence in all the States, except in Chhattisgarh has been under control. The increase in naxal violence in Chhattisgarh was due to greater offensive by naxal outfits to derail Salva Judum. The States were able to improve police response and maintain pressure on naxal groups and degrade their infrastructure.

After detailed discussion, the States were requested to further streamline inter-State joint operations, pinpointed intelligence collection and sharing, fine tune action plans wherever required, fill up vacancies in State Police in naxal areas in a time-bound manner, ensure full utilization of funds under the Police Modernisation Scheme, giving special emphasis on investigation and prosecution of cases of naxal leaders/cadres etc. Under the Police Modernization Scheme, Rs. 385 Crores have been sanctioned for naxal affected States during this year. Another Rs. 100 Crores are also being released for them.



1. Anonymous - October 12, 2013

My suggestion to Naxals is to Kidnap a Congress MP and demand to reduce Fuel Prize and Inflation Prize in large margin then it will be useful to Naxals and the Indian common people.

2. Anonymous - November 27, 2013

Todays attacks on the CRPF Jawans in Bijapur is appreciable so naxals should attact more Armymen and Policemen.

3. Anil kumar - December 1, 2013

Those peoples who will give clue to police about Naxalites they should be finished immediately.

4. Anonymous - December 7, 2013

Instead of killing Journalists Naxalites should target Politiceans,Police men,Army men and Government officials in Chattisgarh.

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