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Security forces want to target Maoist leaders April 13, 2007

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By Rana Ajit (Staff Writer, © IANS)

Rattled by unabated attacks by Maoist guerrillas, security forces are wondering if they should kill the long underground leaders of a four-decade-old insurgency that shows no signs of ending.

The home ministry has convened a series of meetings in Hyderabad to review the existing strategy that clear is not proving effective enough to tackle the rebel violence.

The most dramatic Maoist offensives in recent times have included a major attack on a Bihar jail, the assassination of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leader Sunil Mahto and the slaughter of 49 policemen and militia members in Chhattisgarh.

Following the Hyderabad meeting Friday would be similar conferences in Patna April 16 and in New Delhi April 24. Attending these meetings would be members of the Anti-Naxal Task Force and the Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG). An anti-Maoist Coordination Centre meeting chaired by new Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta will be held in New Delhi April 24.

Informed sources said the ministry would take a fresh look at its counter-Maoist strategy and examine the feasibility and efficacy of the new doctrine to fight the rebels by increasing the number of security personnel in the affected areas.

The officials will also examine the feasibility of accelerating development work in the areas where the Maoists operate, drawing to their cause thousands of poor and landless workers.

Maoists, whose rebellion started in India in May 1967, are most active today in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

They have refused to give up violence despite appeals from Maoist leaders in Nepal with whom the outlawed Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) has had long-standing fraternal links.

The meetings would also look at steps to strengthen security to irrigation works in Bihar.

One suggestion put up by some security forces that they need to ‘target’ the Maoist leaders – an official euphemism for killings as was done systematically in Punjab in the 1980s. The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has suggested that targeting prominent leaders would leave the Maoist cadres rudderless.

Additionally, by eliminating key leaders, the security forces hope to spark a leadership tussle among the cadres so as to further undermine the guerrillas, whose fighting strength is estimated at a few hundreds.

The home ministry also favours improving intelligence gathering in Maoist-infested areas to be one step ahead of the guerrillas.

The government’s strategies would get finishing touches at these three meetings.


1. eods - April 13, 2009

will government strategies really work out?
There will be just another committee and another report.

2. basant kumar - December 14, 2009

Last week 7/12/2009 4 people killed by Nakshali including my brother in law’s father Mr Rana Pratap singh his family is fully depend on him but not any thing happen yet by government of Bihar.
In last two year I believe 100 people killed in same locality but yet not anything happen.
I have some question with government of Bihar
1. Why government is waiting I believe Nakshali are living there in same locality.
2. Why not government doing military operation
3. Why government is waiting for more incident and Nakshali killed day to day innocent people

3. Anonymous - October 30, 2013

Naxalites wont kill innocent peoples there target is only Politiceans and Police men.

4. Anonymous - November 22, 2013

If policemen supports Naxals even that policemen should be included in Naxal team. If Lalu Prasad Yadav is corrupt also he has given good Railway Budget when he was Union Railway Minister he had reduced all the Train fares.

5. Anonymous - November 22, 2013

Naxals should target only Congress and JDU leaders in Bihar not other persons.

6. Anonymous - December 1, 2013

Naxalites should do something to stop Price rise in Bihar instead of killing someone.

7. Naxal - December 1, 2013

We will target those persons who will join Police force,Army,Politics and those who join Government jobs.

8. Anonymous - December 3, 2013

Saturdays Naxal attacks on Railway Police and Todays 7 Policemens killing in Land Bomb blast is Appreciable and Naxals should do this in Karnataka also because in Karnataka Naxalism is weak.

9. Anonymous - December 15, 2013

Naxalites should not target Asaram Bapus Ashram because he is innocent someone is trying to spoil Asarams Reputation and If Lalu gets bail why Asaram is not getting bail he is older then Lalu.

10. Naxal - June 27, 2014

Narendra Modi has cheated the people by hiking Train fares and also he has given signal to hike in Gas and Kerosene prices after 3 months so there is no different between Narendra Modi Government and previous Manmohan Singh Government so now Bihar Naxalites should target Police and Politiceans to take revenge of this.

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